Thursday, 9 May 2013

Where have we been?

Hi guys, first please let me apologise for the delay in posting this first post on our new blog/website (our previous blog can be found here). The reason we changed back to blogger is that we can use our domain name without having to pay extra to do so. Unfortunately Wordpress wanted to charge us.

The past month has been a weird one for us (as a family) with lots of ups and downs. For those that don't know, my life is very centered around animals, especially our pets (or as I call them, our furry family). We have taken in many pets over the years that have been looking for new homes and this month has been especially hard, both emotionally and financially. One of our dogs started having problems with his back legs, which led to him having an MRI scan at the fantastic Fitzpatrick Referrals.The scan showed that he has a very large blood clot running through his aeortic artery which is stopping blood flow by 50% into his back legs. Our fantastic vets, Sanctuary Vets in Farlington, Portsmouth, referred him to see a blood specialist at Anderson Moores in Winchester. He is now on medication to try to reduce the clot, gentle exercise and will be having regular scans to see if the clot is reducing. All 3 vets have been remarkable and have saved our dogs life, I cannot thank them enough.

As well as our dogs health problems, one of our rabbits unfortunately passed this weekend.

Because of trips back and forth to the vets, looking after all the animals and doing my degree coursework, I have unfortunately not had much time at all to put into Emily Joan. I'm hoping things are starting to slow down now and I will be finishing an essay this evening (tomorrow at the latest) so I will be able to start to manage my time better and start working on some awesome craft projects I have set up. I also have lots to list on my Etsy shop and will be using Facebook more often.

Here is some of my photography that I had left over from our first craft show last month (I will be booking more shows soon, watch this space!)

I just wanted to say a huge (and belated) thank you to everyone who came down and said hello at the craft show! I really appreciate the support and was blown away by the compliments about my photography. You guys are AWESOME!!! It's been over 10 years since I did an access course in Photography at Portsmouth University. I was enrolled on the degree, but life got in the way and I decided to get a job and move out of home instead of persuing it. It's now a hobby of mine and something that I'd like to do more of.

I've always been a very creative person, so you can expect an array of different creative projects from me through Emily Joan. I am also attending jewellery courses at the fantastic Making Space and will be launching my own jewellery website seperately from Emily Joan at a later date. Emily Joan will, not only be my little shop on the internet for all my much loved vintage, homemade and upcycled items, but I also intend to use my blog for crafting projects and anything arty I can share with you.