Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Hot dog mummies - Pinterest Wednesday

With Halloween fast approaching, I thought I would pick something Halloween themed to do this week. I also haven't done a food Pinterest post yet, so when I saw these I knew they'd be perfect to try out.

This is the pin that gave me the idea:

The hotdogs I used were Frys vegan hotdogs which I took out of the freezer to defrost. Whilst waiting for them to defrost I made some pastry (half the fat to flour with a dash of water to bind). When defrosted, I cut the hotdogs as shown in the picture and wrapped pieces of pastry around them. I love how they turned out!

 Just before going in the oven

With his leg bitten off with ketchup! Yum yum yum

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Decorated Door Knob - Pinterest Wednesday

I've been uber busy this week, so needed a quick Pinterest Wednesday post and decided on this:

I'd seen the pin ages ago and had it saved, so I decided to draw it on today. I had wanted to copy it exactly, but the position of the screws in our door handle prevented me from doing so.

I could have done it neater haha, but I think it's quite cute =)

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Penguin Toy - Pinterest Wednesday

Hi guys, sorry this post is a day late. I'm all mixed up with my days this week as I was in London on Monday and Winchester on Tuesday and it's kind of thrown me off for the week. I meant to get this all typed up last night but time ran away with me last night and I didn't get chance to in the end.

I was looking through Pinterest trying to decide what to do, and because I had made this toy at the weekend (for my Nephew's birthday) I decided to make another toy:

My Nephew has named this one, Doggy the Dragon haha bless him

I had this pin saved for a while and seeing as my Husband has recently started having a weird obsession with penguins O.o I decided to give it a go!

I have a collection of fabric, alot of which is upholstery fabric, and because this only called for small pieces, I decided to use some swatches that I had for a while. Well, that was a big mistake. Because it was a small toy, I couldn't give a large seam allowance, so my first attempt of the beak completely frayed appart. So I carried on trying to give as large a seam allowance as I could. It turned out ok, but I would definately use a lighter weight fabric in the future for projects of this size.

Please accept my apologies for the rubbish photo, it was late by the time I'd finished. Also, I see now from the photograph that I didn't fully turn around his right wing, so it looks a little off. He is a cutey though and I think I'm going to add more stitches and embroidery to him, to not only make him more secure because of the fabric I used, but to also give him a bit more character =)

He isn't my best work, but I love that he is a little quirky and off 

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Typing on top of photographs - Pinterest Wednesday

I came across this pin this week:

I love this idea! Especially for life events and fantastic holidays/days out. It is something I will be doing a lot of I'm sure.

I gave it a go with a photo that was taken of us on our wedding day (please excuse the bad quality of the picture, it has been stuck on our fridge for ages and faded. It has since been reprinted and replaced. Instead of throwing this one out, I decided to use it as my first try:

I then thought it would be nice to type some of my favourite lyrics onto a picture. Unfortunately all the beach photos I can find are of Southsea beach (pebbles) and the lyrics call for a sandy beach, so I took this one from google, I do not own it:

I think it looks great! I also think a trip to Devon is in order next summer to get some decent sandy beach pictures! That or the Maldives (a girl can dream.....)