Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Typing on top of photographs - Pinterest Wednesday

I came across this pin this week:

I love this idea! Especially for life events and fantastic holidays/days out. It is something I will be doing a lot of I'm sure.

I gave it a go with a photo that was taken of us on our wedding day (please excuse the bad quality of the picture, it has been stuck on our fridge for ages and faded. It has since been reprinted and replaced. Instead of throwing this one out, I decided to use it as my first try:

I then thought it would be nice to type some of my favourite lyrics onto a picture. Unfortunately all the beach photos I can find are of Southsea beach (pebbles) and the lyrics call for a sandy beach, so I took this one from google, I do not own it:

I think it looks great! I also think a trip to Devon is in order next summer to get some decent sandy beach pictures! That or the Maldives (a girl can dream.....)

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