Thursday, 10 October 2013

Penguin Toy - Pinterest Wednesday

Hi guys, sorry this post is a day late. I'm all mixed up with my days this week as I was in London on Monday and Winchester on Tuesday and it's kind of thrown me off for the week. I meant to get this all typed up last night but time ran away with me last night and I didn't get chance to in the end.

I was looking through Pinterest trying to decide what to do, and because I had made this toy at the weekend (for my Nephew's birthday) I decided to make another toy:

My Nephew has named this one, Doggy the Dragon haha bless him

I had this pin saved for a while and seeing as my Husband has recently started having a weird obsession with penguins O.o I decided to give it a go!

I have a collection of fabric, alot of which is upholstery fabric, and because this only called for small pieces, I decided to use some swatches that I had for a while. Well, that was a big mistake. Because it was a small toy, I couldn't give a large seam allowance, so my first attempt of the beak completely frayed appart. So I carried on trying to give as large a seam allowance as I could. It turned out ok, but I would definately use a lighter weight fabric in the future for projects of this size.

Please accept my apologies for the rubbish photo, it was late by the time I'd finished. Also, I see now from the photograph that I didn't fully turn around his right wing, so it looks a little off. He is a cutey though and I think I'm going to add more stitches and embroidery to him, to not only make him more secure because of the fabric I used, but to also give him a bit more character =)

He isn't my best work, but I love that he is a little quirky and off 

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