Thursday, 22 August 2013

Jewellery Boxes - Pinterest Wednesday (on Thursday)

I have just booked my first craft fayre as Kate Miller Jewellery (Emily Joan fayres will be coming up soon too) so I decided it would be a great idea to try my hand at making some gift boxes. After seeing this pin I then googled 'jewellery box templates' and picked a few to try my hand with. I decided to use white paper for a practice as I'd like to get some nice fancy card for the actual boxes and didn't want to waste any incase I messed them up.

I then cut them out

and put them together (some will require glue)

As you can see in the picture, they don't all fit together quite right, so I'm glad I practiced on paper first. Some of the measurements seem to be off on some of the templates online, but they will give you a good basis to draw them up yourself properly, which is what I am going to do. I particularly like the top right version =)

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Re-using empty toilet rolls - Pinterest Wednesday

I've been keeping empty toilet rolls for a while thinking that I'd do something with them for a Pinterest Wednesday post.

This pin gives lots of fantastic ideas on how to re-use them, especially if you have children.

I decided to opt for using what I had to plant some seeds:

As you can see, I used 5 empty toilet rolls, a pack of cat grass seeds and a washed take-away container.

The pack of seeds I had have been in the back of a cupboard for a while, so I thought I'd throw a load in, just in case some dont grow, and to use them up.

I then just popped some more compost on them, watered them and now they're waiting to grow in our garden =)

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Paint Chip Bunting - Pinterest Wednesday

Hi guys, for this weeks post, I decided to try some paint chip bunting after seeing this pin

All you need is some paint 'chip' cards from your local DIY store, a needle and thread, scissors (to cut the thread) and your choice of hole punch.

I had planned on doing a long anchor banner, but because the horizontal part of the anchor that I was going to put the thread through was so thin, it didn't work and I had to sew it vertically. I really like the way it turned out for the musical note and the cat though =) It would also work great with old newspaper or magazines =)