Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Paper Star Decorations - Pinterest Wednesday

With Christmas right around the corner (yes, I know it's still September, but I witnessed John Lewis putting up their Christmas display today!) and with the many Christmas related pins appearing on Pinterest, I thought I would give making star decorations a go =)

This pin as fantastic step by step instructions:

I decided to use plain white paper for this as it was all I had to hand. For nearer Christmas I will source some prettier paper. A good idea might be to visit your local DIY chain and get a sample of a nice wallpaper that you like? I think I'll do that and create a star to hang in my studio when it's completed.

Here is my attempt with white paper. The paper is quite thin, so something a bit stronger would work better. I stuck mine together with double sided tape, which is fine for the two halves, but when sticking them together, I think using a glue gun as suggested would be a good idea.

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