Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Make your own Sketch Books - Pinterest Wednesday

I saw this pin: for designing the covers of your sketch books, but I thought I would take it one step further, using some of the skills I learnt on a recent course and thought I would do a blog post on making your own sketch books.

Depending on what type of paper you want to use (for this example, I used regular copy paper, but for a sketch book, I'd use good cartridge paper. Saying that though, it's your sketch book, so you could use it to collect pictures, magazine cut outs, etc. Anything at all really, even fabric)

What you'll need is some paper, linen thread (for this I used 15 inches, but it will depend on the thickness of your paper and how many sheets you're putting together), a tapemeasure, and a book binding needle.

To start with, fold the paper in half. Along the fold find the centre point and then measure 2 dots to either side at 3/4 of an inch interval:

Then, using your book binding needle, pierce a hole through each dot:

Thread the needle with your linen thread and start by going through the centre hole on the outside:

Then sew over to the next hole, bringing it through the other side:

 Then back up the next hole:

And so on:

 When you come back to the centre, you skip over it, and then go on to do the other side in the same way:

When you've sewn together the other side, you bring the thread up through the centre:

When you start to bring the thread up through the centre, bring it up on the other side of the thread, so that you can tie a knot around to secure the thread running through the middle:

Like so:

You can also bind many of these together to make a thicker, more secure book. This is the first one I made at college:

Then to decorate your sketch pad, draw a pattern that you like and decide which colours you'd like to use:


In the New Year, I am planning to start doing some YouTube tutorial videos. I will do a video of this as I think it's a great little skill to have. I've found it really useful personally since I've started my Foundation Diploma in Art & Design as I can create sketchbooks with a theme.

I hope you find it useful. If you plan on making one also, please feel free to share a link to it, I'd love to see it =) x

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