Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Make your own Christmas cards - Pinterest Wednesday

I try to make my own Christmas cards each year, if I don't have the time then I buy some charity ones. This weeks pinterest post is more inspired by pinterest, rather than me copying a post.

Here are some fantastic ideas for making your own Christmas cards, starting with the one that inspired me to make the ones I have:

So to make mine, I used some A4 white card (folded in 2 to make A5), a glue stick, scissors, a compass and pencil, some different colour sharpies, some 'Merry Christmas' hearts that I had typed on my typewriter, some gorgeous tear out patterned paper from Craftseller magazine and a couple of pieces of awesome wrapping paper from gifts I've received that I thought was too beautiful to throw away.

Here are 4 cards that I have made already. I think they're awesome, so I hope the people receiving them think so too. I love the fox, owl and mushroom ones particularly. I just cut out the headshapes from the wrapping paper and glued them to the card. For the other baubles, I used the compass and pencil to draw the circles, cut them out and then stuck them to the card. I decided to do 4 per card as I didn't want to over clutter the cards. I then used a ruler to draw the lines with the sharpies and drew a little bow on the top of each bauble =)

I have left the inside of the cards blank to write a personal message.

I hope you like them and that this has given you some ideas to make your Christmas a little more 'homemade'. 

It's only 3 WEEKS TO GO!!!! I cannot wait!!! =D

Here's a little Shakin' Stevens to make you feel all Christmassy:

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