Saturday, 22 June 2013

Emily Joan and Kate Miller Jewellery

Hi guys, I wanted to write this blog post as I have been thinking for a while about what direction I wanted to go in with Emily Joan. I'm trying my hand at many different creative processes at the moment to expand my skills and want to experiment alot in the future with different mediums. I originally started Emily Joan to help support myself through my Foundation Diploma in Art & Design (which I start in September) and then through my Fashion & Textiles degree, which I am hoping to start 2014 (2015 at the latest) I also started it to help pay the mortgage and household bills.

I am currently attending jewellery and fused glass classes. I had intended to sell (and blog about) the jewellery as part of Emily Joan, however, I feel that selling and blogging homeware and jewellery together, with all their different categories may come across as a bit confusing, so I have decided to split it into two and have Emily Joan and Kate Miller Jewellery.

Emily Joan will include all my vintage, upcycled, handmade home blog posts and accessories and Kate Miller Jewellery will include all my jewellery (fine jewellery, upcycled, etc). I have just purchased the domain and it is currently being registered. I will work on a blog and website for that as soon as I'm able to.

My Facebook pages for both are as follows, please give them a like if you haven't already ♥ 

Emily Joan

Kate Miller Jewellery

Thank you,
Kate xxx

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