Friday, 7 June 2013

Upcycled China - Pinterest Post

Every week, I have decided to attempt something I have found on Pinterest. For this week, I decided to pick upcycling china. I admit, I'm cheating a little here as I did an evening of this with the fabulous Esther Coombs at Aspex Gallery earlier in the year. I really enjoyed myself, so decided to give it another go!

Here are some pins from pinterest:

I bought a porcelain pen from Hobbycraft (which unfortunately broke after I used it on one mug!) so I didn't get to create as many as I wanted to.

I have a couple of espresso cups and I love my coffee strong! so I decided to write 'weeeeeeeeee' on the bottom in a spiral. 

I love cups and mugs that have a cheeky design on the bottom.

The instructions of how to bake the design on the china seem to differ, depending on what pens or paints you use, but I followed the instructions given to me by Esther:

I really enjoy giving old items a new lease of life and thoroughly enjoy putting my own stamp on old crockery. I have sketched a few designs and will be working on this more, with view to listing some at a later date. If anyone has tried this themselves, please let me know how you got on with it? If you have a blog link, please post it below, I'd love to see what others have come up with xx

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